Weather Sync

We offer you the most advanced type of weather targeting

Does the weather affect your sales?

If so, Weather Sync will prove extremely useful to you, as it offers you the most advanced type of weather targeting. And we made this easier than ever. You choose the desired weather conditions and target locations and we’ll do the rest. Our real-time targeting technology detects and analyzes changing weather conditions, and will activate/pause your campaign in line with the preferred weather rules.

You can choose endless combinations of weather or environmental conditions: e.g. sun, rain, wind power, UV index, pollen, pollution, and so on.

Your weather campaigns have never been more effortless, local, and well timed.

Real-time tracking

Campaigns respond directly and automated to changing weather conditions, based on a system that covers the weather all around the world.

Weather location

Campaigns activate automatically only in regions where the weather conditions are met.

Connect to every DSP

Effortless setup saves valuable time of your campaign operations team. It is easy to connect the platform to every DSP.

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