TV sync

Syncing your TV and online campagnes

The power of the combination

TV Sync offers the option of activating your online campaign the moment your commercial is shown on TV. Thanks to our targeting technology, you will reach your target audience simultaneously on the internet, with tailored display, video or search campaigns. An indispensable tool if you want to spur the consumer into action. The power of the combination achieves its full potential here. It boosts both brand effects of your TV campaign and the performance of your online prospecting campaign.

Prefer to activate your campaign when your competitor is on TV?
That is also possible.


New qualitative visitors

Not only do we see performance increases for prospecting campaigns up to 120%, but also an increase in engagement, new website visits, and post-click conversions.

Higher brand scores

Scientific and independent research shows that when the message of your TV commercial is amplified online, both ad-recall and message recall dramatically increase among mutliscreeners.

Increase your unique reach

You can also synchronize online video with your TV ads. This way, you increase your unique reach during that particular TV ad break.

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