Best Cross Media Awards Case 2018

TV Remarketing case Renault NL | Crowned Best Cross Media Case 2018!

Cross Media Awards 2018 – Winning the Silver Award

On the 25th of April, the sixth edition of the Cross Media Awards took place at the Hotel Barbizon Palace in Amsterdam. This brought back memories of last year, when Spotalytics was crowned with the Silver Award for Best Cross Media Innovation.

Yet, in this blog post we want to give some special attention the Renault Scénic TV Remarketing case, winner in the category Best Cross Media Case 2018! Renault NL was OMD’s launching client for TV based Remarketing. In order to make information about Renault’s TV responders addressable, OMD reached out to us. We teamed up with OMD and created a new functionality that made it possible to create a database of Renault’s TV audience, with the option of retargeting them based on unique sets of TV characteristics. In order to collect the relevant data of Renault’s TV responders, a real-time signal was pushed to the DMP, the moment the TV advert was broadcasted.

The total Scénic pool showed a growth of 45 percent and the TV remarketing strategy performed 240% better than other marketing strategies. Adding quality intent users to Renault’s regular remarketing audiences.
This solution, better known as TV Remarketing, is one of the three tools in our TV & video platform. The tool makes use of our realtime TV data, to create retargeting audiences. Click here to read more about our TV Remarketing tool.

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