TV content leads to online conversion

TV content more often leads to online traffic

Trends in Digital Media 2019 GfK research

According to Screenforce, the Dutch TV marketing center (based on a GfK study), seeing content on TV is increasingly encouraging visitors to visit the website. In 2018, 54% visited a website as a result of seeing content on TV. Looking at 2019 this even applied to 61% of the Dutch population. In addition to an uplift in website visits, 1 in 5 visitors also made an online purchase in response to the specific TV content.

Mediasynced Spotalytics results

At Mediasynced, we thought it would be interesting to test these results (based on respondent research) based on actual behavior. The increase in website traffic is also what we see with advertisers within our Spotalytics platform. The solution with which online campaigns and TV campaigns can be optimized in every detail. A method with which brand objectives are also achieved. Within our platform we even see a greater increase in direct website traffic. For example, we see that in 2019 a GRP leads to a whopping 32% more website visits compared to 2018. An important comment: Within our platform, advertisers are constantly optimizing TV schedules in order to achieve a maximum effect in website visits.
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