Spotalytics measures your TV and radio performance automatically and reliably based on behavioural data such as increased website visits, conversions or search behavior. Our real-time dashboard offers grip on the results even during the campaign, by measuring people’s behaviour after every advertisement. Because we know your time is scarce and valuable, we developed a way to make the analysis of your TV and radio budget allocation even more effective. Our new Spotalytics AI module calculates the results for millions of possible media choices. The effective use of TV and radio has never been so easy, fast and reliable. In addition, our AI integration is a spectacular step in the direction of predictive scheduling, giving you direct feedback on future TV and radio planning instead of being based on historical data. Optimize in real-time on: channel, spot position, creative content, week (day) and time, and much more.

Determine the total ROI of your TV and radio campaign

Besides providing direct and actionable insights to optimize your current campaigns Spotalytics also offers proven time-series reporting of which campaigns were most effective during the year. This reporting feature within Spotalytics, answers the most important question with regards to your campaigns: what was the total ROI (website uplift, conversions, store visits, offline sales)? The results are shown e.g. in ‘costs per visitor’ (CPV). This way, the results of TV and radio campaigns are comparable to the CPV of your other campaigns such as online display and video campaigns. Besides calculating the CPV for a TV/radio campaign, other variables such as offline store sales can be used as well as an alternative to website visitors to measure the effectiveness of a TV/radio campaign. The report isolates all other variables such as: seasonality (year, month and day), economic trends and long-term brand effects.

Some successful case studies:


Provides daily reports with actionable insights, in a fraction of the time it takes a single manual analysis

Optimize your upcoming TV campaigns, based on the accumulated knowledge of your previous campaigns

Countless filters to zoom in on your results and assess them from multiple perspectives

Artificial Intelligence module: a neural network integration that calculates the results for millions of possible media choices. Predictive scheduling: giving you direct feedback on future TV and radio planning instead of being based on historical data.

The entire media effort will be analyzed based on time-series analysis: TV, radio, outdoor, online and print (competitors are taken into account as well). Even weather conditions, (school) holidays and periods.

With all the campaign metrics clearly at your disposal, a valuable campaign benchmark arises for your brand. Discover favourable periods and optimize your strategy

Standard metrics are ‘cost per visitor’ ‘cost per conversion’. This way the results are comparable to other types of media.

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