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Spotalytics reveals key insights into your TV and radio performance. We accurately measure your campaign objectives, such as the increase in visitors, improved brand scores and extra sales. This results based approach, opens the door to a more fundamental justification of TV and radio media budgets, while offering key metrics for improved media planning and media buying.

Additionally, each individual spot airing is measured and results are updated daily. This allows you to optimize on e.g. the best performing creatives or timeslots, while your campaign is still in flight. When compared to non-optimized campaigns, Spotalytics optimized campaigns show increases of 50% and often more.

In summary, Spotalytics’ insights will improve your campaign ROI and provide grip on entire TV and Radio marketing cycle; from marketing strategy to planning, buying and optimizing.

Below is a selection of the KPIs that we measure:

Optimize the TV media planning

Spotalytics reveals the best performing channels, creations, days, time slots and more (even during the campaign). An important step towards truly effective advertising. By making optimizations, the effect of your campaign increases by tens of percent.

What makes Spotalytics unique (and why this cannot be done manually) is the use of our bespoke Artificial Intelligence module. Our AI simulates the outcome of millions of media choices and selects the top 10 most effective optimisations. Improving the effect of your TV and radio campaigns has never been so easy, fast and reliable.

The same AI module also enables “predictive scheduling”; it creates the best possible broadcast schedule right from the start of your campaign. The value of each GRP for your next TV or Radio campaign is materially increased and thanks to AI, this is done at the blink of an eye.

Benefits of Spotalytics

Increases sales and brand KPIs

Measurably improves your campaign objectives by tens of percent (online / offline sales, brand)

Shows net effects

Calculates the net result of all your TV and Radio campaigns

Shows TV en Radio effects

Helps you justify your TV and Radio budget in a way that was previously only possible for digital

Smarter by using Artificial Intelligence

AI offers instantly applicable advice and is easier, faster and smarter than manual analysis

Find the best moment

Reveals the optimal time to run your campaign

Predict your success

Predicts the effect of your next broadcast schedule

Determine the best months

Quantifies the effects of the seasons on your objectives

Total performance TV and Radio

In addition to optimising the TV and Radio media planning, Spotalytics gives insight into the total ROI at campaign level. This answers the all important question for every organisation: “What did the campaign yield in terms of extra sales and visitors (offline or online)?

In order to answer this question, we designed a time-series analysis specifically for TV and Radio. This methodology weighs the effect of all elements that may have an effect on your campaigns. Beyond your media spend this means that e.g seasonal effects, public holidays, school holidays, promotional periods, share of voice, weather conditions and even effects of corona are all being taken into account. By filtering these effects, the ‘net’ result of the TV and Radio exposure can be accurately displayed.

Going forward, you can account for and justify TV and Radio budgets, in a way that until recently was the exclusive preserve of Digital.

Spotalytics TV radio advertising

Successful case studies

Below you find an overview of a number of successful campaigns. In addition, we can also use our TV analytics to boost the brand KPI’s. We have determined for several advertisers that optimizing using Spotalytics can contribute to an increase in awareness, consideration or even image.

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