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The eagle has landed – AI based TV and Radio planning

More accuracy in less time

Spotalytics’ new AI module automatically calculates the effectiveness of your TV and Radio media choices and delivers you the one answer you were looking for; how do I get the best performing TV or Radio campaign? The accuracy this provides is unparalleled and so is the speed; the analysis is performed within minutes instead of days.
In addition, our AI integration is a spectacular step towards our next release ‘predictive scheduling’. This enables you to upload your TV or Radio planning and get all the spot results you need… even before airing.

Artificial Intelligence in more detail

The insights of Spotalytics are based on a combination of robust econometric models and many years of formula optimizations. This enabled us to accurately solve the challenging problems that are encountered when analyzing the effects of the TV and Radio campaign. Think of outlier scores, negative scores, baseline calculations and spot collisions (See our white paper with more information about how our attribution models work).
But even with this level of sophistication, we kept challenging ourselves to further improve our models.
With our most recent A.I. module we have achieved a new breakthrough; We added conclusions that are based on a Neural Network (one of the more recent methodologies in AI). A crucial USP of our Spotalytics platform, which guarantees even better insights and is a timesaver with respect to making your analysis. Based on the measured effect of your campaign, we train the Neural Network to simulate and score all possible combinations of attributes such as channel, time slot, week, day, number of viewers, creations (and much more). This results in an overview of approximately 20 to 100 million possible combinations per campaign!

Valuable insights with AI

The calculations of the Neural Network offer two valuable, new insights to you:

  1. The “clean” effect of an attribute. Without A.I. you cannot be certain if channel “X” when showing a high score is really a high-performing channel. Probably yes, but the cause may also be that the best scoring creation was often used on “channel X”, or that media buying was done for channel X in the best performing week of the campaign. Our A.I. module gives clear insights into the exact individual and relative power of each of the underlying attributes (channels, period, creation etc)
  2. Predictive scheduling. Start your campaign with the best possible TV media buying. The AI module integrated in out Spotalytics platform makes it possible to test a TV schedule in advance of broadcasting. You can immediately find out which spots will do well or not, after which the planning can be adjusted based on the insights gained.

Coming REAL SOON: Predictive Scheduling!

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