Sharing our insights about Spotalytics

Sharing our insights about Spotalytics at the Double Proof expert session

On Tuesday the 13th of June, Screenforce and RAB organize the expert session Double Proof. During this session, the take outs of the Double Proof research will be discussed, and we will be there to share all you need to know about our RTV performance measurement tool Spotalytics.
For the Double Proof research, all TV- and Radio campaign data of 13 advertisers was analyzed to determine the effects on online search behavior, and to shed a light on the scope and power of Radio and TV efforts.
This is the part where our software Spotalytics comes in useful: the tool allows you to attribute and optimize your RTV-campaigns in realtime. Our CEO Mark van de Crommert will explain how Spotalytics can be used to optimize and align your RTV-campaigns with your online objectives.
Click here to read more about the Double Proof expert session.
Click here to read more about Spotalytics.

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