Three solutions in one powerful package

Our TV and video platform offers powerful solutions for the realisation of impactful campaigns. A package of advanced tools that allows you to measure, bolster and optimise your campaign in real-time. The platform is also very user-friendly.

Tools in our advanced TV and video platform:

Measure the TV & video performance of your campaign based on behavioural data

Activates your online campaign the moment your commercial airs on TV

Creates database of your TV audience with the option of retargeting them

Do not let relevant data about your TV audience get away

TV Remarketing makes use of our realtime TV data to create TV audiences. It enables you to create retargeting audiences based on unique sets of TV characteristics. The tool also makes it possible to create lookalikes of your TV audience and to retarget them. An indispensable tool to increase your DMP and make optimal use of your TV data.

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