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Case study Oxxio | Spotalytics


Traditionally Oxxio supplies green electricity and gas to private customers. Since 2011, the company has become part of the Eneco Group. Oxxio profiles itself as a green and affordable company with smart digital services. Since February 2019, the company has also been offering the telecom services Internet, TV and Telephony for consumers. To introduce the telecom offer, Oxxio initiated a TV campaign during two flights in April, June and July 2019 respectively.

G O A L 

In order to achieve the best results from their offline media efforts, Oxxio works together with Mediasynced. Spotalytics is the designated instrument for an important objective of this campaign, namely increasing the number of conversions.


Spotalytics allowed Oxxio to make the direct effect on website behavior (direct uplift in website visitors) transparent for both TV flights. The dashboard enables Oxxio to analyze the uplift per channel, week, part of the day, spot position and program. Among other things, it shows which media planning combinations perform best when GRP pressure or costs would be equal. With the insights gained from the first flight, Oxxio was able to plan the second flight as optimally as possible. These adjustments resulted in a higher impact of the second TV flight. For instance, a redistribution took place from a public reach-channel to a larger commercial-channel. In addition, channel-specific adjustments have been made and there has been a shift in spot positions and time periods. At content level, more airings were planned around news programs, with positive results. All of these optimizations have considerably increased the total ROI of this Oxxio TV campaign.


The graph on the second page clearly shows that the campaign was more powerful at the start of the second flight (and after the first optimizations). The uplift can also be seen after the first in-flight optimizations during flight 2. Overall, flight 2 scores significantly better than flight 1. An increase of even 29% in the number of TV responders.


A N N E M A R I E  N I E U W V E L D – V A N  S T R I E N | S E N I O R  O N L I N E  M A R K E T E E R :

“At Oxxio we work highly data-driven and from an online perspective. If an action is not measurable immediately, we will search for a way to obtain actionable insights in order to learn from it next time. Before the launch of our telecom product, it quickly became apparent that a TV campaign was essential, but how do you measure the TV effects? Mediasynced brought us the right tooling for that. The well-arranged Spotalytics interface ensured that we could easily interpret the results, together with the specialists from both Mediasynced and Mindshare. From the dashboards that we could put together ourselves with various filters, we obtained useful insights. We could implement these learnings both in-flight and for the next flight. Successfully! We are therefore convinced that we have steered on the right data and that we would not have achieved the great results of the second flight without Spotalytics.”

M I R T E  H U I N I N K | M A N A G E R  C O N N E C T I O N  P L A N N I N G :

“With Mediasynced we’ve been able to test the flexibility of the TV medium for performance purposes again. And with positive results! Without losing sight of the primary goal (awareness), we were able to implement a number of optimizations to increase the website visits with the insights of Mediasynced.”

D I R K  P I E T E R S E | C L I E N T  D I R E C T O R  M E D I A S Y N C E D : “An extremely successful campaign, wherein by making clear agreements, we were able to achieve the maximum result together. With only one creative! By adding creatives, the TV impact of Oxxio’s campaigns can be (even) greater in the future.”


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