Weather targeting

A breath of fresh air – local weather targeting proved successful

Italians are longing for warm and sunny times during the colder days and escaping the city seeking fresh air during the hot and humid summer. This was the hypothesis tested by the Austrian National Tourist Office. Therefore a weather targeted campaign was set up displaying a specific ad according to the local weather focusing on the major, big cities in Italy.


How does weather targeting work?

Real-time targeting technology was used that detects and analyzes changing weather conditions. Furthermore, to increase the relevancy different campaigns were activated according to the weather conditions. The Weather Sync solution is capable of activating and pausing campaigns based on many different weather conditions such as sun, rain, wind power, UV index, pollen, pollution, and so on. Due to an automatic integration with Adform’s DSP, the ads were advertised hyper locally and based on the specific weather conditions.

Campaign – Breathe time

Different kinds of spots were displayed depending on the weather temperature to increase the relevance of the ads.
Timeline: August/September 2019 Weather conditions:
>29 degrees: spots displaying images of freshness and cooling were shown (“creek” and “water”)
<29 degrees: spots were displaying with a more green and flowery feel to it (“wildflower meadow” and “herbs”)


In order to measure the effects, the KPIs VTR + CPV were chosen leading to the following results:
blankUplift in VTR

  • 14,4% uplift in VTR75
  • 17,3% uplift in VTR100

Uplift CPV

  • 13,8% cheaper eCPV
  • 15,9% cheaper eCPV100

* The % uplifts refer to the difference to the “control group” that was set up, including all tech cost + setup cost.

Link to Austria’s national tourism organization


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