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Advertising messages – More or less?

The more the merrier? Or less is more?

In this edition we present another helpful insight about the use of single or multiple messages in a TV-commercial. Since the attention for your TV-commercial and the effect of your commercial is seemingly higher than for a commercial message in any other media, it is important to properly construct your story so its response will be optimal.
A common pitfall in creating a good TV-commercial arises from the fact that commercials can be expensive. Because we only have as much opportunities to make an exciting impression as our budget allows us, we tend to overload our video with multiple messages and loads of secondary information. 

When everyone needs to have a say

There is a textbook example of an automotive ad from the sixties where the initial version contained nothing more than the product, the logo and a tempting tag line. A single magical phrase. As several stakeholders began tot interfere with the creative process the ad begins to degrade in appeal and effect. When the final version finally evolved, the ad contained all kinds of confusing information and the opportunity to establish love at first sight is long gone.

Minimalism pays off

What can more than 200.000 airings tell us about that? Without any doubt there is a linear connection between the number of messages and the decrease in search traffic. TV commercials with one or two messages undoubtedly overclass the effect of any other number of messages. In the overall perspective, analyzing all trades represented, there is an uplift in search volume of 21%. Yes, discipline and minimalism pays off.

uplift sales volume messages

Less is more especially in finance

Especially in finance the differences between the categories are significant. There is a 51% increase in search traffic (compared to trade-average) when your message is clear and unambiguous.  Financial products are already complicated as they are so let’s not confuse your audience more than necessary.  


In conclusion, always make sure your message is clear and present. Do not use more than 1-2 messages in your ad especially when you are in finance. And always keep in mind that less is more.

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