Grip on your campaign

With Mediasynced's Spotalytics dashboard you get a grip on the ROI of all your TV and radio campaigns. Your ROI is calculated based on increased website visits, conversions and revenue.

In addition, take the drivers' seat and start optimizing while your campaign is still in flight. Using our realtime insights, you will effortlessly identify the best performing channels, creations, spot (positions), week (days), time, content and much more.

Spotalytics tv en radio advertisement

Artificial Intelligence

Our Spotalytics AI module calculates the result of millions of media choices and show the top 10 most effective optimisations. Increasing TV effectiveness has never been so easy, fast and reliable.

The same AI module enables 'predictive scheduling’. This automatically creates the best possible starting schedule for your next TV and Radio campaign, so even before their first airing.

Does the weather affect your sales?

Weather Sync is an indispensable tool that provides the most advanced method of targeting based on weather. And we made it easier than ever. You choose the desired weather conditions and target locations and we’ll do the rest. Our real-time targeting technology detects and analyzes changing weather conditions, and will activate/pause your campaign in line with the preferred weather rules.

Power of the combination

TV Sync offers the option of activating your online campaign the moment your commercial is shown on TV. Thanks to our targeting technology, you will reach your target audience simultaneously on the internet, with tailored display, video or search campaigns. An indispensable tool if you want to spur the consumer into action. The power of the combination achieves its full potential here. It boosts both brand effects of your TV campaign and the performance of your online prospecting campaign.

Prefer to activate your campaign when your competitor is on TV? That is also an option with TV Sync.

Do not let relevant data about your TV audience get away

TV Data feed TV Data Feed makes use of our realtime TV data to create TV audiences. It enables you to create retargeting audiences based on unique sets of TV characteristics. The tool also creates a database of your TV audience with the option of retargeting them. An indispensable tool to increase your DMP and make optimal use of your TV data.

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