Effective logo commercial

Frame by frame, show your name

How often do you show your Logo?

In this edition we present another great insight about the presence of a logo in your TV-commercial, or to be more precise, the ideal frequency in which it should be presented. Whereas the options to show your logo in a printed ad are quite limited. Video-commercials have several moments, changing positions and numerous possible frequencies to show your trademark. Our objective for this study was to definitely determine what frequency works best to improve your online search traffic as a direct result of tv-commercial airings.
To realize this useful insight we observed all commercials and counted the separate moments in which the logo of a specific advertiser showed up in the videoframe. We then reduced the possible outcome into three categories namely; one to five times, five to ten times and continuously. Next, the categories were linked to their respective search volumes per airing. This resulted in different scores in their own trade and of course in the total overview.

And the winner is …

Based on more than 200.000 airings there is no doubt that there is a close and positive connection between the frequency of the presence of your logo and the increase in search traffic. The continuous presence of your logo undoubtedly gives the best outcome It results in an overall increase of your search traffic of 21,5%, compared to the average increase of traffic for any tv-commercial.

Increase of more than 50% in search traffic

Especially in the retail trade the differences between the categories are evident. There is a 51,9,% increase in search traffic when the logo is present during the full length of the tv-commercial. That’s a significant advantage that possibly comes from the fact that advertising retailers offer all types of sub-branded products in their tv-ads that possibly scatter search keywords between the products brand and the actual place where it should be bought. To avoid that scattering the continuous presence of a logo can make a difference. Our research shows similar outcomes for other trades but the highest score was found in retail. In conclusion, always make sure your name accompanies the message. Second by second, frame by frame, show your name!
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