Spotalytics - realtime attribution of your TV and Radio campaigns


Spotalytics will change the way you justify and buy TV and Radio advertising. You will find the best ways to maximize the impact of your TV and Radio budget, by focussing on the KPI’s that matter most to you.

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Key features

The key to our unique solution is two-fold:

  • We have truly and fully automated the process. This translates into dramatic speed and costs savings compared to classical TV research.
  • We created stellar algorithms and attribution models and added these to the mix. Allowing you to optimize and justify your TV media plans with more granular detail and precise data than ever.


  • Broadest dataset: Track 10 different website KPI’s and 30 parameters at once. Discover all effects in a single TV analytics suite.
  • Costs: Through full automation, the cost of analysing all your TV campaigns is no longer prohibitive.
  • Precision: Robust algorithms measure effects more precisely than alternatives.
  • Scope: Measure the effectiveness of all your TV and Radio campaigns.
  • Compare: Benchmark campaigns against your previous campaigns.
  • Real-time Optimization:
    • Adapt campaign planning while in-flight.
    • AB test creatives and continue with the best performing creative.
  • Stellar TV planning: Create stellar TV schedules from day 1.
  • Negotiate: Enter new contract negotiations with more insights than ever before.
  • Easy of use: Create any report using our powerful set of filters.
  • Share: Export to spectacularly looking Excels and share with ease.
  • Speed: World-class architectures combined with powerful server farms, allow you to answer any question faster than you can say ‘GRP’ or ‘TVR’.

Amplify your TV effects

Why stop at maximizing your TV media plans? By synchronizing the delivery of your online display, video or Adwords campaigns with your TV campaigns, you will be able to amplify positive TV effects even further.

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