A bit of background

How it started

Mendel and Mark share a passion for the power of crossmedia and in December 2011 they founded their first company Remotely.tv. Soon after, they discovered that the bridge between TV and online advertising needed to be more fluent and natural. The idea for TV syncing was born.

Given the overwhelming feedback on the idea of TV syncing they founded Mediasynced and launched the world’s first TV-synced campaign in July 2012.

Since then Mediasynced delivered a continous stream of cross media innovations, such as Radio sync, TV contextual sync and Radio-to-Outdoor sync and most recently Spotalytics.

Mark van de Crommert

Mendel Looije

"We are building Mediasynced brick by brick, so more or less old school and bootstrapped. This gives us the freedom to focus on creating unique products that we believe in. These products continue to inspire advertisers and agencies alike and help them differentiate in an ever changing and increasingly boundless media landscape.

Most of all, we are lucky to work with a unique team of professionals. Because of them, customers recognize our personal touch and the ongoing flow of innovative products we bring to market."

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