Have you met our new Client Director Dirk Pieterse yet?

Tell us something about yourself! 
I am very energetic and spontaneous, probably due to my Limburg roots (province in NL). Despite the fact that I have not lived in Limburg for 18 years, I have never lost that ‘soft G’ in my pronunciation (and probably never will). I am also father of a beautiful son, we recently celebrated his first birthday. I rolled into the media business about seven years ago. Up until this day, I’m still active in this field and enjoying it very much.
How did you end up in the media / ad-tech business?
Seven years ago, I worked at a (media) research agency DVJ Insights as a supervisor of the call center (side job). After a while they asked me if I could assist in analyses and reports to clients. I picked this up quite fast and ended up doing media research work for their office in Amsterdam back then. I worked as a (media) researcher for around 3 years.
What is your role at Mediasynced?
I’m Client Director at Mediasynced, so I’m the first point of contact for clients. But more importantly, my main task is to carry through the growing line we already reached with the Mediasynced team, and go beyond that of course ;-).
What areas would you like to further develop?  
 Soccer! I play as a back in a soccer team and noticed that I definitely need to improve my skills. Business wise I would like to further develop my leading and coaching skills within the growing team of Mediasynced. Finally, I would like to become an all-round (online) media professional.
From which sales tip did you benefit most? 
I received a lot of sales tips in my life. Quite coincidentally, I thought about one this morning: ‘A party that appreciates the value of the product well enough, can always make budget available’. Sales tip from Bart Gabriels – Managing Director at Mediaplanet.
What gives you energy in the workplace?
In comparison to my previous job, I draw my energy from completely different things. For instance, in my previous job it was the busy environment that gave me energy. Mediasynced is a more tech-driven organization with developers and econometricians. Here, my energy comes from the great focus that I can get, and of course the goals and deals I achieve. 
What do you think, is the biggest misconception in your industry?
 In my opinion, companies often steer on the wrong variables. In the end, much from what is done, is based on gut feeling. I think (this is one of the reasons why I started at Mediasynced) that reporting on actual behavior can contribute to a much more effective use of your media possibilities.
Is there something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, and why haven’t you done it yet?
When I was a teenager, I always said that I would drive a Ferrari before my 30th birthday. But dreams change. Now I have the feeling that I’m realizing my dreams already.
If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
 OK I give you the politically correct answer. Brain wise I would go for Elon Musk, especially now he is losing it a bit, definitely interesting. All though I wouldn’t mind eating some biscuit with Meghan Markle as well!
Do you know the ‘stupid’ list from Linda Magazine? Name 5 things that irritate you the most.
1. A lightener that doesn’t work, since you keep trying. Luckily, I quit smoking over a year ago!
2. Some tourists in Amsterdam. Especially the ones that suddenly decide to stop to take a picture. I lived at                    Dam Square for almost 3 years, so I learned to live with it.
3. A waiting line at the bar with a very slow bartender.
4. False information when my train of tram is delayed.
5. When people tell you they aren’t interested, without reading (or listening to) it first.
 On a more positive note: what would constitute a “perfect” day for you?
A day that is in balance, that can also be at work. When I have enough space in my head, reach my (working) goals and can go for a work-out. Finally, when I have enough quality time left with my girlfriend and son in the evening. Luckily, for me he does not sleep before 10PM ;-).
When people have only one day to visit Limburg, where do they need to go?
Because I’m from Venlo, of course I would never say Maastricht ;-). My advice: go to Venlo during ‘Vastelaovend’ especially on the Saturday! By far the best day to visit Venlo/Limburg. The next one will be in the first weekend of March, 2019.

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