Boost your brand KPIs

Discover the power of using KPIs

Boost your brand KPIs

Mediasynced is a specialist in measuring and optimizing TV and radio campaigns based on increased website visits and conversions. It goes without saying that this contributes to a higher performance. But that the same optimizations also contribute to boosting the brand KPIs, is something not everyone is aware of yet.


Website traffic vs brand KPIs

It has been demonstrated by several advertisers that optimizing TV and radio campaigns based on direct website traffic also leads to an increase in brand KPIs such as:

  • Unaided brand awareness
  • Aided brand awareness
  • Consideration & preference

The calculation model

To determine to what extent an increase in direct website traffic can be used as a booster of the brand KPIs, Mediasynced uses Pearsons Correlation Matrix. The following data is required to perform the analysis:

  • Uplift in direct website traffic of TV and radio (from Spotalytics)
  • Tracking data advertiser (at least 1 year, data on a month or week basis)

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