About our Spotalytics AI module

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About our Spotalytics AI module

Because we know your time is scarce and valuable, we developed a way to make the analysis of your TV and radio budget allocation even more effective. Our new AI functionality calculates the results for millions of possible media choices.

The effective use of TV and radio has never been so easy, fast and reliable. In addition, our AI integration allows the use of predictive scheduling, giving you direct feedback on future TV and radio planning.


What does Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) add?


The insights of Spotalytics are now based on a combination econometric models and proprietary developed AI models. This combination enables you to more accurately optimize your TV and Radio buying choices.

In Step 1 we use of our econometric models developed over the past 5 years, that tackle some of the most challenging problems that you encounter when analyzing the effects of the TV and Radio campaign. Think of outlier analyses, baseline calculations and spot collisions (see our white paper at the bottom of this blog post with more information about how our attribution models work).

In step 2, our AI module achieved a new breakthrough; conclusions are now automatically calculated on the basis of a Neural Network. A crucial USP of Spotalytics, because it offers the most robust conclusions while being a dramatic timesaver, because we have fully automated the AI process. This is how our AI works; a Neural Network simulates and scores all possible combinations of attributes such as channel, time slot, week, day, number of viewers, creations (and much more).

This results in an overview of approximately 20 to 100 million possible combinations per campaign(!). In doing so, the Neural Network creates a model of ‘the unbiased truth’, based on the data values it is fed in Step 1.

Our AI module achieved a new breakthrough


The Neural Network provides new and crucial insights, these are:

  • The “clean” effect of an attribute. Before A.I., one could not be certain if a high scoring channel “X” is really a high-performing channel. In most cases that would be correct, but maybe the best scoring creation was often used on “channel X”. Or maybe it was aired in the best performing week of the campaign. In these cases, it will not be clear what really drove the performance of the campaign; channel ‘X’ or the other attributes? This is exactly what our A.I. module solves; it provides clean insights into the exact individual and relative power of each of the underlying attributes (channels, period, creation etc) .)

  • Predictive scheduling. Start your campaign with the best possible TV media buying plan. The AI module integrated in Spotalytics’ platform makes it possible to test a TV schedule in advance of broadcasting. You can immediately find out which spots will perform better than others, and adjust your planning accordingly.

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