Simply special

the beginning

Mendel and Mark share a passion for the power of cross media and love creating unique solutions. In December of 2011, they set up their first company together; Not long after, they created a unique innovation that lets TV and online advertising to go perfectly hand-in-hand. The idea of TV Sync was born.

They received so much positive feedback on the idea to sync TV ads with the online campaigns, that it wasn’t long before Mediasynced was founded. In July of 2012, the first TV-Synced campaign was launched. Since then, Mediasynced has launched a continual stream of Cross Media innovations that together resulted in the current advanced TV and radio platform.


To benefit from the opportunities that the changing landscape of TV has to offer, Mediasynced has developed an advanced TV and radio platform. Powered by world’s most sophisticated TV-attribution models and AI techniques, it allows modern brands to measure, amplify and optimize their TV and radio campaigns on-the-fly. And because we fully automated this process, you no longer have to wait for answers. They are simply available in our award winning, super user friendly platform. 

Embark on your journey in the new world of TV and radio advertising, where optimizing TV campaigns in realtime is no longer a dream, but a reality.